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DSB-Rack is the manufacturer of 19” rack cabinets, enclosures, data centers, server cabinets and accessories for a vast range of industries, ranging from network solutions to security systems. Being established by third generation members of a family who has been in metal manufacturing sector since 1962, DSB-Rack was born in 2019 with the experience of 50+ years and vision of youth.

In an enclosed area of 4.000 sqm at Tekirdag, our company operates in the factory which had been established by our previous generation. As DSB-Rack management team, we constantly strive for developing our product range and implementing newest technologies and practices with the substantial help of extensive machinery infrastructure of our factory and limitless experience of our history.

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Our Principles

We consider our principles as a legacy of our previous generations and we put our serious efforts on protecting them in our every project, partnership or trade. These are:

Reliability & Honesty: We believe that mutual trust between our customers and us is the most important factor to have long-lasting partnerships and we take these two words very seriously.

Transparency: Before, after and during the manufacturing period of our customers’ orders, we share all required details with our customers in every step and put extra effort on giving them quick and detailed answers when they ask any type of question.

Sustainability: In order to ensure the future of our company and our partnerships, we always work with sustainable approaches, instead of saving the day philosophy.

Constant Development: Instead of staying with today’s technology and practices, we are dedicated to develop our methods constantly. Therefore, we always welcome our customers’ custom orders even if they are unprecedented in rack-cabinet sector.


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