Data Center Cabinet 800X1100


  • Material: Sheet Steel
  • Colour Options: RAL 9005 Black & RAL 7035 Light Grey
  • Load capacity: Up to 1500 kg
  • Punched out entries on roof for fan modules
  • Ventilated roof for better air circulation
  • 135° opening %80 perforated front and back doors
  • Side panels are easily detachable and have 2 panels for better functionality.
  • Front and back doors swing handle lock
  • Full height front and back adjustable galvanized steel 19” profiles
  • Large cut out in base for cable entries


42U, 45U





Our Data Center Cabinets are designed to satisfy various needs of our customers by ensuring flexibility and functionality. Our cabinets provide features that make them appropriate for a huge variety of applications in data center infrastructure.

We designed our every cabinet with the purpose of maximizing their strength, ease of use and aesthetics. Therefore, we equipped our data center cabinets with fully adjustable rails, dockable 2x side panels and large cable entries. In addition to technical varieties, we provide our customers the flexibility to choose their colours from our black and light grey options.

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